Artigo de opinião / 29.08.17

Sells on eBay (Robert Andonov)


Online Platform where you can raise and promote your business

As a person who always liked to rise and win new battles. I find eBay as a place and platform where products can meet their escalation phase and pass through a good promotive campaign which will lead to a higher level of sales and new expectations. Everyone can aim to be different and show something, what hasn't been seen before. You have a good space and environment for work like essential add-ins, HTML blogging description space, and many promo campaigns. Be free to implement your ideas, follow your competitors and use the very best benchmark methods.

As a marketing and sales analyst, I had to make a great research for promotions and learn more from people who used to work on this platform and became great entrepreneurs. Feel free to ask google, for every issue you will face while creating your ideal design. Titles are really important on eBay, you have to find a good combination of words which will describe your product. For ex. If you are selling a MacBook. Firstly go with the name of the product, color, and the model. When we talk about titles, grammatically it doesn't have to be super correct because everyone active on the platform who is willing to buy a product, actually is using keywords. Creating the right keyword makes you rise again, it shouldn't be too attractive, just it has to lead to the right directions. Campaigns are, a good option when we talk about promotions, you can improve your listing or start an auction which will last short period and win extra profits. But as really essential add-ins are all the directly linked social media profiles like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.Be careful with social media, for sure they are a "thing" nowadays which can boost your sales and help you attract new markets, just focus on right target groups. From the last statistical analysis, Instagram is the most used app for promoting, is easy to attract your target groups by implementing hashtags, use story adds like, "Visit Our" site. Writing a good description and link Insta with your other business accounts is an option which dosen't costs anything.Everyone who is selling and promoting on Instagram now can switch his Personal account to Business profile, here you have the possibility to promote your post and win a bigger audience.If you like to be different and better than your competitors, start editing your HTML description blog. You don't have to be an expert there are many tutorials on Youtube who can teach you how to rearrange and made a better design. 

An entrepreneur once said: “It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.” - Scott Belsky, co-founder of Behance.


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